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 High Resistance: Acids, oils, coffee, wine, soft drinks, etc.

Maintaining of Malbros Quartz is quite easy. For every day cleaning, simply use a soft sponge or a soft cotton dishcloth along with warm water, use a mild soap if desired. For stubborn stains or greasy clean-ups one can use a mild liquid cleaner or regular dish washing detergent with warm water and a soft textured scrub pad.


Do not use, under any circumstance: Hydrofluoric acid, dichloromethane, NaOH - caustic soda or paint strippers, Methylene chloride, Trichloroethylene or any product with a very high or very low PH. Such chemicals may tarnish the Quartz Surface. Never use scrubbers that contain aluminum oxide (the similar abrasive in sand paper) on Malbros Quartz surfaces as it may dull its appearance.


Also, do not use the following:

  • Sealants, penetrants, topical treatments or water repellents to enhance the luster. There is no need to seal Malbros Quartz Countertops. Sealers cannot penetrate them and remain on the surface providing an artificial, short-lived sheen. Eventually the sealers will start to wear off unevenly in high use areas and It might end up making the polish to appear dull or inconsistent.

  • Products with a ph of more than 10

  • Degreasing solutions such as those used in oven cleaners.

  • Chlorine-based products like dichloromethane

  • Drain cleaners, paint strippers or products containing Hydrofluoric acid,

  • Abrasive or strong alkaline, acid, oxidizers or the like (whether high, neutral or low pH) cleaners. Such corrosive and erosive chemicals can attack the structure of the Malbros Quartz stone and potentially damage its surface.

  • Abrasive cleaning agents and products with pumice, batteries, paint removers, furniture strippers, tarnish or silver cleaners, or similar products

  • Abrasive or rough scrub pads

  • Bleach and Solvent for maintenance. When such products remain on the surface for more than 12 hours, the quartz surface may lose its sheen. If bleach or solvent is used, dilute it with water and do not leave it in long-lasting contact with the quartz. Please Note that Bleach and solvent can continue to affect the product 12 hours later. Do not repolish the surface of the material for both floors and countertops.



Hot Temperatures:

Keep Malbros Quartz surfaces away from sources of heat. Although Malbros Quartz is scorch resistant and can endure high temperatures for short periods of time under normal conditions, but this depends on a series of different aspects like thickness, color, setting, etc. Therefore, the Malbros Quartz surfaces should not have continued contact with a heat source. In addition, hot utensils or devices like frying pans, hot pots, deep-fat fryers, electric skillets, etc  should not be placed directly on the Quartz Surface  and a trivet or a hot pad should always be used under such circumstances. The Malbros Quartz surfaces should not be exposed to Sudden or rapid change of temperature or sustained heating, especially near the edges and cut outs.



Exposure to Sun:

Malbros Quartz should not be used outdoors or in places with exposure to UV lighting. Exposure to the sun’s rays may affect the Malbros Quartz surfaces and cause changes in its color, shade or texture. Over the years the colour and shade of products may suffer from the effect of the sun's rays.

Malbros Quartz Care and Maintainence

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